Big fish and sharks

Our final day diving in Komodo National Park absolutely blew our minds. It was incredible and one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life.

We headed to the dive sites in the north of the park where the big drifts attract the big marine life. DCIM774GOPRO

Our first dive was a Tatawan Behar where we descended into a mass of fish but the humongous napoleon fish stole the show. It was about 1.5m long, over 0.5m wide and pretty docile. He kept his distance but really want fazed by us and just hung around.GOPR1471 show_Moment

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Our seconds dive was at Castle Rock. As we descended a magical world appeared with big sholes of large fish, several giant trevallys and large oriental sweetlips. They were all swimming in the drift and we were swimming right next to them. There were also lots of small fish, we were surrounded.DCIM774GOPROGOPR1469 show_MomentGOPR1473 show_MomentGOPR1474 show_MomentGOPR1476 show_MomentDCIM774GOPRO

The drift was strong so we didn’t need to kick at all. It made me feel like superman. The strong drifts attracted sharks and giant trevally, they were amazing to see.GOPR1475 show sharks_Moment

DCIM774GOPROGOPR1496 show_Moment(2)GOPR1497 show_MomentGOPR1498 show_MomentGOPR1501 show_Moment

We also saw more titan trigger fish and another napoleon wrasse.GOPR1507 show trigger_MomentGOPR1511 show wrasse_Moment(2)
Our final dive was at Crystal Waters. We were dropped of the boat and descended quickly into the deep blue by using our BCD dump valve to release the air in our jackets rapidly. There wasn’t much to see during the descent, only a shoal of small fish but as we neared the bottom we saw something white in the distance, as it got closer we could see it flapping and then we realised it was an Eagle Ray. We hit the deck and watched it flap gracefully past us…an absolutely incredible sight.

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Our dive master, TJ, took a plastic bottle with him underwater and squashed it to make a crackling noise. The sharks love it and they soon come to check it out to see what it is. We must have seen about 10 sharks on this dive….absolutely beautiful creatures and amazing to see them in the wild and only 3-4m away!

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Later in the dive we held a rock with our fingertips and chilled out, fully stretched out in the drift. Bring in the drift is great fun, your weightless and you feel like your flying. The white tip reef sharks also love this area, we saw 5 sharks while we were hanging there. DCIM774GOPRO

Diving in Komodo is such an amazing experience. It’s incredible to see such large marine life and swim amongst them.


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