Snorkelling the archipelago

20170515_071028On our first day in Labuanbajo we woke early to get on a trip but then found out that most the day trips leave at 5am!!! It was a bit too early for us considering we arrived late the night before. We tried all the operators to find a day trip to see the dragons but didn’t have any luck…we eventually settled for a snorkelling trip around the archipelago.

20170515_121502About an hour boat ride from Labuanbajo we had 3 stops at islands, including Kanawa, to do some fish watching. The snorkelling was really good, they had some healthy coral but the majority is dead however there are still lots of fish and a variety of them. On our first stop we were greeted by some territorial fish. They were being really aggressive as we kitted up in the water, swimming at us and biting if we didn’t move away….little bastards!

We saw lots of trigger fish including a titan trigger fish, parrot fish, Emperor angel fish, clown fish. Our best spot was a cuttle fish hovering over a piece of coral. We had fantastic views of the surrounding islands and idyllic beaches.


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