20170514_115119Waerebo is a traditional Indonesian village high in the mountains. We had an enjoyable 2 hour, 5 mile hike up a steep mountain path through the forest with misty views of the valley. The paths were a bit wet and muddy in places but it was a really great walk.

Everyone we passed coming up and down were really friendly and stopped to chat. Lots of the locals were walking down with bundles of cinnamon approx 2 foot long, tied up and balancing on their shoulders, they were keen to stop and say hi and shake our hands. The Indonesians are definitely the most friendly people we have met on our travels.
The traditional village was made up of large mushroom shaped cottages with a mountainous and slightly misty backdrop. It was a beautiful setting, so tranquil and peaceful. The young boys played football and wrestled and were very quick to notice Beth and I eating a biscuit. They ran over and grabbed towards the biscuits so we gave them away. We attended a welcoming ceremony and we’re then free to wander around the village.20170514_10440720170514_102058

Each house was drying coffee beans and cinnamon. They gave us some coffee to taste which tasted fantastic, the best coffee I’ve had since being away. They grow arabica, rustica and Colombian plus they also produce luwak coffee, straight from the ferrets bum. Luwak is popular in Indonesia, a real delicacy and luxury item.20170514_104134

Beth and I trekked up to the library to get good views of the village from height.IMG_7898IMG_7910 showIMG_7912

Most tourists stay the night there but Beth and I have run out of time in Indonesia so we could only spend the morning there. The locals cooked us rice, vegetables, omelette and poppadoms for lunch and then we had to leave and trek back to Denge.

We were then driven 7 hours to Labuanbajo, our final destination on Flores and base for visiting Komodo.


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