Driving across Flores

We hired a driver, Johny, to take us across Flores in 4 days visiting the local attractions on the way.

On our first day we were joined by Frans (from the diving trip) and visited a fishing village near Maumere (pronounced Mau-mer-ay), stopped for lunch on the coast at Paga and then rested on a beautiful beach called koka for a few hours.

20170511_12372720170511_13510620170511_13562220170511_15132320170511_151458We ended our journey in Moni, a town on the edge of Kilimutu volcano ready to visit the following day. In the evening we also met up with Guillaume and Sylvaine for dinner.

The next day we set off at 5am and drove 30mins towards Kilimutu and then walked 20mins to the summit. It was misty so there wasn’t anything to see at dawn and we found these miserable people up there too…20170512_062024

The mist did eventually clear and it was magical. There was a cheer from everyone as the vibrant colour crater lakes were unveiled. The steaming volcano had a slight smell of sulphur but nothing too pungent. 20170512_063649

20170512_07592120170512_075844On our way to Bajawa we stopped on the coast for lunch on a beach that had lots of light blue and green stones. Before reaching Bajawa we also stopped at some hot springs and rested in the ponds and stream as it got dark. It was a nice relaxing end to a long journey in the car.

The next day our first stop was an Arak distillery. Arak is produced from the bud of the palm and is heated with some awful smelling fruit juice to produce a god dam terrible spirit. It smelt grim. Before the visit I was keen to buy some for the football lads but while at the distillery I decided I didn’t want to inflict that much pain on them….it might kill them.20170513_092249

Later in the day we stopped at the spider web rice fields and happened to bump into a guy we shared a taxi with 6 weeks ago in Manilla. We were going in opposite directions across Flores so shared the knowledge of where we’d been.20170513_150946

After lunch we stopped at a market and were the centre of attention. Everyone was keen to stop us and say hello, when I tried some trainers on I had an audience come a watch. We got a bit lost but eventually orientated ourselves and found where we had left our driver. Johny was a bit worried about us and had been driving around trying to find us.20170513_133921

We ended up in a tiny village called Denge (Den-gay) which is where we would commence the trek to the Waerebo traditional village the following day. It was super slow getting to Denge, about 4 hours driving along slow bumpy roads. We slept in a shabby homestay/ barn in Denge and then started our trek to Waerebo at 7am the next morning.


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