Yogyakarta and Borobudur

Yogyakarta was one of the better Asian cities we visited. It was quite cultural, with interesting graffiti in the streets and good quality food and restaurants available that weren’t expensive. 20170503_134050

The people are also super friendly and not hassley. When we arrived we wandered around town, got to the palace but it had closed at 2pm. Lots of locals stopped to make sure we were seeing the best parts of yogyakarta  (or Jogi as they say). We were directed to the market (pasar) where Beth bought some trousers and we bought some serving spoons made of coconut. We also tried some of the local sweets, some pastries and some coconut treats but they all had a hint of fishiness. We were the centre of attention and lots of the teenagers were getting photos of us or sneakily trying to take selfies.

We met one man at a drinks stall while having an iced tea that told us about Yogyakarta and directed us to one of the batik workshops where we were given a demonstration of how the cloth is masked with wax and died, creating the artwork.

Our accommodation seemed like a palace and it literally wasn’t far off. Our host informed us that it was the residence of the 7th Sultan’s daughter, built in the 1950s. It was a pretty impressive place and much bigger than anything else in the area.

The second day we had an early morning scooter ride to Borobudur for dawn. It was still misty when we arrived so we were glad we didn’t get up for sunrise. The mist made for some cool atmospheric photographs. It was even more atmospheric when some of the mist lifted and revealed the mountainous landscape and volcanoes. We have now completed the big three Asian temples; Bagan, Ankor Wat and Borobudur. Again all the kids wanted photos with us at Borobudur and there were lots of groups of 16-17 year olds there to speak to tourists and practice their English. It was really good to have a chat to them and in return they helped us learn some Indonesian.20170504_062423IMG_7665IMG_7692 show20170504_06321620170504_06490220170504_07123220170504_071922IMG_7706IMG_7722IMG_7730IMG_7747 showIMG_7751Borobudor students20170504_083340 - Copy

We visited the palace when back in Jogi and watched some traditional dancing and listened to traditional music. The palace was interesting enough but there was little to no information about the exhibits so it didn’t mean much to Beth and I. 20170504_112119

I had a horrible fever and was resigned to being in bed for the rest of the day. I seemed to contract tonsillitis which put a dampener on my next few days.


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