Whale watching 

After Arugam Bay we travelled to Mirissa.

We took a tour with Raja and the whales, to do some whale spotting, and after an hour and 15mins of travelling we saw two whales in the distance identified by the spray of water blowing into the air as the whale expelled air from its blowhole. We caught up with the whales which were two blue whales, grey in colour. Only the back and tiny dorsal fin was seen approx 10 times while the blue whales breathed at the surface and then they displayed their tail fins before disappearing back deep underwater.

Ten minutes later more water spray was seen in the distance but disappeared before we got there. While idling, another boat was seen close-by so we knew whales where around. About 200m away we saw the backs and dorsal fins of two more blue whales but no further entertainment this time, disappearing within 30s of seeing them.

We had a few similar sightings every ten minutes but no tail fin but did see a turtle energetically swimming away from the boat.

We got luckier towards the end of the trip when whales surfaced within 50m of the boat. We had some good whale time as the huge mammal took some small breaths and then held at the surface for some time taking a larger breath and then flicked it’s tail in the air and submerged back down to the depths. We noticed a few small  black blobs on the tail which turned out to be sucking fish. When we saw a sucking fish close up, not attached to a whale, it was about 2 foot long.

We had about 20 sightings of blue whales and the guide thinks it was approximately 10 different whales. They also pointed out some whale poo, lumpy and bright orange in colour.IMG_7383

Raja and the whales a provide an excellent tour, the crew are friendly and professional. They actually tell you interesting information which is rare for the tours we’ve been on in Asia. It was great to see they picked up sea litter when we saw it, protecting the environment and their futures.

A little bonus at the end of the trip was the sighting of a bryde’s whales, approx 10-14m long with a small dorsal fin._DSC7601

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