We set off for the safari in the blistering afternoon heat. We travelled through Kumana National Park in a jeep but didn’t see a huge amount because the animals were sheltering from the sun. We did see a mongoose though, deer, rabbits, plenty of wadding birds and egrets, ibis and painted storks.

The safari got better as is got cooler. Around 5pm the elephants seemed to come out of hiding, we saw 4 in total and the same number of crocodiles. IMG_7288

We had a fantastically lucky moment on our way back through the national park. As we pulled up behind one jeep we could see two horn bills in the tree ahead. We sat for a while admiring the the birds then decided it was time to move on. The other jeep didn’t move. We pulled past the jeep and the other driver quickly leans out of the window signalling to our driver to turn of the engine….we didn’t realise that there was a leopard emerging from the bush. We stopped and were in ore of the beautiful cat. The leopard clocked us and hesitated for a few seconds checking for safety and then trotted off to the next area of bush. It was behind the vehicle out of sight but being in an open vehicle I was hoping the leopard didn’t decide to pay us a visit. I was quite wary of this and was checking behind us but when my eyes return to the view in front i could see that we were extra lucky and we’re graced with the presents of a baby leopard. It was very wary and froze on the spot. It was awesome for us because it gave us chance to have a good look. The baby leopard looked around for a while, turned back towards the bush it came from but then turned around again and followed it’s mum. It was the highlight of the safari, we were all super smiley after that little treat.


Two horn bills

IMG_7266 (2)

Wary leopard

IMG_7269 (2)

Leopard cub

During the safari we also so a few wild boar, lots of wild buffalo, a jackal, a displaying peacock and an eagle. The Kumana national park is a fantastic place to see the wild animals.

IMG_7240 - Copy

Wild water buffalo


Jackal trotting across open space


Wild board and other avifauna


Wallowing buffalo


Displaying peacock


Our driver impressively spotted this eagle in the tree

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