Jungle BBQ

The jungle BBQ is one of the highlights of our time at Arugam Bay.

We set of around 4.30pm to pick up cold drinks and beers and then travelling along the main road where our host, Sudi, spotted two elephants so we pulled over to a spot we had past 6 times in the previous two days. We were 6-7m away as the elephants roughed up the grass with their feet and then tugged it with their trunk before putting it into their mouths. It was so exciting to finally see some elephants and it was close enough and light enough to get some photos.IMG_7140

IMG_7142We travelled west inland into the jungle for half an hour spotting a group of Languors on root and a few brief sightings of crocodiles around the lakes before they were scared off by the jeeps and dashed into the water. IMG_7175

It was really peaceful watching the sunset over a flooded man-made lake with the only noise coming from the avifauna.

After sunset we were taken to a rock about 10m higher than the surrounding farm land. While our hosts prepared dinner we explored the area finding numerous peacock feathers. We sat on the warm rock as the light disappeared and watched the flashing lights and farmers with torches patrolling the fields and protecting them from elephants.

IMG_7215The BBQ food was fantastic, the shrimps and rock fish was super fresh and cooked in a garlicky buttery sauce. The accompanying salads, potatoes, veg and bread complimented the meal well. There were ten of us altogether and we were entertained by the fireflies and the star-filled sky.

On the way home Sudi was on the spot light pointing out numerous animals. In the distance we saw three elephants walking back into the bush and another eating the long grass by the main road. What a fantastic night!

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