No elephants at elephant rock

In the morning I drove Beth, Jo, Jon in tuk tuk North through Pottuvil and along the sandy spit to Pottuvil point.20170415_110929

It was extremely hot so we jumped straight in the water to cool down once we found the deserted beach. We had fun playing with the waboba in the sea and then cowered under our towels from the sun before deciding to head back for lunch.

We went south to Elephant rock after lunch in search for some shade but our tip of failed on this one so we ended up hiding between the rocks from the sun. When the intense heat started to ease we climbed the north side of elephant rock and then waded through the lagoon over to the beach.20170415_163713

20170415_175146It was a pleasant spot and the sunset was great but it was spoilt by the arrack drinking, pot smoking, Sri Lankan beach boys perving on the girls and taking photos of the girls. One approached me asking for a “selfy” took one of us and his friends and then carried on trying to take more angling the camera to try and get the girls in the background. After I kept on moving to block the girls he gave up but walked to another girl on the rock, stood half a metre away and took photos of her. The guy then took his phone in the water and looked like he was still trying to take photos of the girls from there but we weren’t sure. It was completely shameful!

We were hoping to see some elephants at dusk on our journey home but still didn’t see any. We did see plenty of peacocks though. We were quite excited when we saw the first few because we hadnt seen them for years in England. There are loads of them here, we probably saw one every 100ms. 20170415_123353

During the evening curry at East Surf Cabanas with the other guests we found out the elephants had been seen from the road but North of where we were, we were always in the opposite direction to where they were. The curry was good for meeting the other guest who we would share tours with and meet up with in the following days.

Jon and I provided some entertainment after the curry by setting off the fireworks we bought in Kandy, 20 for £2. It was an amateur affair with the fireworks being set off from a wine bottle. The stick of the firework was massively oversized so our first few fizzed across the field instead of flying. Our display got better and better and we even had a finale of 6 fireworks each setting the other off one after the other.

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