Tuk tuk around Abay

Arugam Bay, or Abay as it is sometimes called, is a chilled out surf spot on the east coast of Sri Lanka with cool jungle fauna close-by.20170414_174515

We hired a tuk tuk for two days so we could buzz up and down the coastal road in search of waves and elephants. With two surfy B’s strapped to the roof of the tuk tuk we set out to Whiskey Point is search of some swell swell, right breakers and off shore winds……my terrible surfer dude lingo is on par with my surfing. Whiskey Point is a good surf spot North of Arugam Bay offering some fairly powerful 1.5m high waves decent enough to surf but also gave me and Jon a good beating when we fell off. I caught a few decent waves before it went flat at noon so the trip was worthwhile. Beth and Jo had a good bodyboarding session but also felt a bit beaten up afterwards.20170414_170729

The tuk tuk chugged and spluttered on the way back through Potuvill and came to a halt….we had run out of petrol.20170421_131547

Luckily there were lots of other tuk tuk taxis around but being lunch time the first two petrol stations the driver took me to were closed 😦 We visited his mates house and interrupted the family meal to get some bottles out of a shed….I was greeted by the teenage muslims with an excited chant of ‘white man…..white man’. I felt massively out of place in my beach attire.

We had a slow lunch (which is the only way in Arugam bay) and polished off some veggie curry with rotti, a bargain at 200 rupees  (just over £1).
After lunch we headed South to Peanut Farm beach, having to drive the tuk tuk off road across bumpy tracks, sometimes wet sometimes deep sand. It was Sri Lankan New Year but it was quiet at the beach….the Sri Lankans must have been celebrating at home. Peanut farm was a nice beach to relax on as it had a 10m high bamboo dome, originally put up for a beach rave, shading part of the beach. We cowered from the roasting sun between surfing and bodyboarding sessions in the sea.


Before sun down we took the tuk tuk further south to Panama lagoon primarily to see if we could spot any elephants. There weren’t any in sight (but we did see a tortoise) so we walked along side the electric fence next to the lagoon, had a quick chat with the local farmers and then returned to the tuk tuk.

It was a lot of fun having the tuk tuk to buzz along the coastal road and navigate down the windy beach tracks.

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