Sri Lanka

From Cambodia we flew to Colombo, Sri Lanka via a night stop over in Kuala Lumpur.

Colombo was a similar heat to Cambodia but felt hotter because we were out in the hottest part of the day walking through the busy markets shoulder to shoulder with the locals while we waited for our train to Kandy.

For the first hour of the train ride we watched the lush green landscape and paddy fields from the train window but then it got dark. When we arrived in Kandy our host had prepared us a selection of veggie curries with rice and popadoms. 20170409_203604

The next day we we took a trip to the botanic gardens and had a great time, despite being charged 15 times more than the locals to get in. We saw double coconuts from the Seychelles, giant bamboo that can grow up to 30cm wide, Jack fruit through can weigh up to 35kg and a pretty orchid garden. The botanic garden was also rich in wildlife and avifauna. The toque macaques are friendly and tame here but they do have an abundance of Jack fruit to eat. We also saw thousands of fruit bats in the trees. They think there’s 20,000 in total and they eat their bodyweight in fruit per day…I can see why they’re considered a pest. We really enjoyed our morning and it was funny to watch the macaques sneaking around the flower beds munching the flowers. One of the macaque accepted me as one of their own and groomed my hairy feet.

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