Kiltepan and the hanging coffins

Our return bus to Manila left at 2pm today so we blasted 20km walking around Sagada in the morning so we didn’t miss the main sights.

Kiltepan had excellent views of the green rice terraces. Apparently the sunrise from here is sublime but as it took an hour to walk there we decided that we weren’t going to make it at dawn. This view will keep on getting better and better as the terraces become lusher green with the rice plants.20170331_092026_Richtone(HDR)

We then headed back to town and down the Echo Valley to see the rather strange hanging coffins. It’s a pretty weird sight but fascinating all the same. The higher the coffin the more respected they were.


The long coach journey back to Manila was made even longer by the constant stopping to pick up produce and locals, we then hit a lot of traffic at 9pm due to road works. In true Asian driving style the driver did well to make up lost time by overtaking lorries and tricycles in the traffic jam and using his size to intimidate. The journey was supposed to take 12hrs but ended up taking 15hrs meaning we were really close to missing our flight. Anyway…all well that ends well and we met some nice people on the journey. Next stop Cambodia, we’re really looking forward to visiting Angkor Wat.

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