Kookoo’s Nest comes alive after dark

After Apo island we travelled back to Negros and headed west along the coast to the Antulang peninsula, Negros. We stayed at Kookoo’s Nest, a beach hut resort recommended by Sally and Ale. The resort is like a posh Floresita’s  (where we stayed in Palawan), with extra comforts and excellent food. We stayed in a large bamboo hut with comfy seats (unlike Mario’s), a decent bathroom and a hammock on the terrace. Reading on the terrace while swinging in the hammock being warmed by the falling sun was pure bliss.

We spent three days here but wish we were staying longer. We spent our time swimming between bays, snorkelling, exploring the coast and running. We squandered the rest of our time reading, chatting and eating 🙂

Kookoo’s Nest comes alive with wildlife after dark. It starts with rustling from the plants on the bank beside our hut, it sounds like a large creature but found out that there’s just a lot of them. The hermit crabs come out after dark and can be heard rustling in the dead leaves, falling from the stone walls and dragging themselves across the path. Groups of them gather on the beach and exchange/fight over shells, it’s rather funny to watch.20170323_212727

The geckos also come out at night. They’re stealthy in their movement but they make a racked when they want to and it sounds like a creaky door or floor board. We discovered that there were two living in our hut and one evening we witnessed one of them catch a grasshopper for supper.20170325_212636_Moment

Along the beach we also saw purple crabs and toads…we needed a head torch to ensure we did not step on any living thing.

Every evening Beth and I went for walks along the beach to see the wildlife and often walked along to the end of bamboo jetty to look up at the dazzling night sky….the most stars I’ve seen in a long time.

Kookoo’s Nest is a highly recommended place to visit for those thinking of coming to the Philippines. You should visit…the islands here are beautiful.

Next we’re heading to Manila where Beth will have her interview with Dog’s Trust over skype and then we’ll head up North to the mountains around Baguio and Segada to see the rice terraces.

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