Our first dive (and we saw 7 turtles)

Today we stated our  PADI Open water diving course. First we learnt the basics and how to use the equipment on land, then our instructor, Jed, took us to to the shallows to practice. We went on our first dive, up to 12m deep and saw 7 turtles. There are two types of turtle here; the green turtle and the hawksbill turtle. One green turtle was sitting on a coral mountain and watched us as we circled it and then a younger turtle swam within a couple of metres of us. The hawks bill munched the coral underneath us as we swam by. It was incredible to see! I’m gutted that we didn’t have the GoPro on us to capture the moments.

While down diving you can see so much more detail compared with snorkelling. The coral colours were brighter today and the way the soft coral moved was fascinating; the heads opening and closing smoothly creating a shimmer.

We also saw blow fish, angle fish and sea snakes.

I would class that as a successful first lesson. Now we need to do some more theory before heading out diving again this afternoon.

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