Wash out again

Another scooter ride, another wet afternoon!

After some mornings chores, we intended to head north and explore the coast lines and waterfalls. After about an hour it started to rain and 15 mins later it was torrential. We stopped for cover and we’re joined by some other riders.

When it died down we started again but within 5 mins it was pouring again. The nearest shelter was another 10 mins so we cowered there and we were entertained by the local kids.

The  kids knew a little bit of English so we had some short chats with them and found out their names. I showed them pictures of our travels, they all crowded around to look and repeated the Philippine names of the animals we showed then and we taught them the English name.

After an hour an a half sheltering from the rain it still did not look like it was going to stop so we dashed to store down the road and asked for a coffee. The lady invited us it to her home and chatted to us about her work with NGOs in the Philippines. While we chatted to the kids she prepared us some coffee and also, unexpectedly, fried us some eggs, gave us crackers and local honey and also a salad with chilli flavoured vinaigrette. We were also invited to have fresh fish with the family for dinner. We had to decline as we had dinner plans in Coron.
Despite our day not going to plan, we had a great day meeting the locals. I think it was actually better than our original plan.

We went to the Maquinit Hot Springs in the evening to warm up again and enjoyed the views as dusk set in.

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