Coron Island tour 

We took a boat trip to visit several of the must-see sights near Coron Island. First we stopped at a bay and ascended the mountain giving us unreal views of the bay.IMG_6035

We then descended to other side of the mountain to a Kayangen lake. There was a board walk around the edge of the lake, which consisted of 70% fresh water and 30% salt water. We took a dip and marvelled at the underwater rock formations.

We next did some snorkelling at skeleton wreck, the sunken remains of a small Chinese ship.

After we were taken to Beach 91 for barbecue fish for lunch and I took the opportunity to do some rock climbing to get some great views of the bay.

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At twin lagoon we swam through a cave to another lagoon. There was an odd sensation when swimming, the top layer of water was cold fresh water and underneath there was warm salt water. Occasional my vision would be completely blurred, but it wasn’t my mask fogging up, it was caused by the mixing of the fresh water and salt water.

The best snorkelling of the day was at Siete Picados. The coral here was looking very healthy and supported a wide range of fish. The blue coral looked amazing and we also saw a small shole of fish that I think were barracudas.

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