Our island hopping trip has been scuppered by the wet and windy weather on the east of Palawan so we’ve rented the bike again to explore.

We drove over to the west of the island and found a Waterfall to visit. The locals wanted to guide us there but we decided to go it alone, which was completely fine apart from one section. We took the left hand path and ended up trekking up the river, but we made good use of our mesh beach shoes that my sisters bought us for Christmas. When we reached the waterfall we met a couple staying at Floresitas and had a swim together. We then scrambled a bit further to the next waterfall before heading back to the bike.

On route to the watefall

We enjoyed our unexpected route up the stream and made it to the watefall.

We drove to the idilic Nacpan beach for lunch and then chilled out under the palm trees taking and occasional swim.

I’m missing my buddies to pay volleyball with.

It’s a shame to miss out on the island hopping tour but we’ve had a great day anyway. We’ll be doing a island tour when we get to Coron instead.

Tomorrow we leave Floresitas and spend the night in el nido before taking a 6 hour ferry to Coron, Busuanga.

Exploring El Nido

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