Floresitas beach and El Nido

We’ve had a very relaxing time in the north east of Palawan at Floresitas beach resort. I feel really lucky to be in such a beautiful place right now.

Beach outside Floresitas.

It’s good to spend a bit more time in one location rather than rushing off to see the next thing. The weather’s been mixed, we’ve had sun, cloud, rain but it’s not been cold even when windy.

We’re staying in a bamboo hut just set back from the beach and we’re spending our time strolling along the beach, running, reading, eating and enjoying the sunrise.

Our hut at Floresitas

We hired a scooter to explore El Nido and the north west of Palawan. There are quite a few new concrete roads but they don’t link all the villages yet. The route we took to el nido took us on a very bumpy dusty road, we were filthy afterwards. The scenery was great though, lots of palm trees, banana trees and cashew trees amongst the other vegetation.

Cashew fruit with a pod underneath containing a cashew nut.

On the way back we stopped at Nacpan beach, which is beautiful and popular with the tourists but not busy. The bay is a couple of miles long with soft golden sand, lined with palm trees and bamboo huts. We walked along the beach and back and then took a refreshing dip to cool off, the water is cooler on the west but not cold.

Beth and I at Nacpan beach.

I hope you’re all doing well and everything is OK at home. Happy birthday Grandad! I look forward to sharing my traveling stories with you when I get home and take you out for lunch.

Beth finally has a date for her interview with dog’s trust so we’ve been running through some practice questions together. She’ll be having a Skype interview for the research manager and research officer role at the end of March.

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