It’s sunny in the Philippines

Arrived in Palawan greeted by glorious sunshine at 10am. We’ve had over a week of mist, fog, haze and smog so the sun is really something to celebrate.

A minibus ride from Puerta Princessa airport, central Palawan, thundered north around the windy roads in true Asian style, overtaking at inappropriate points. No chance to sleep on this ride, we’re counteracting the bends to stop the van tipping over!

Minivan undergoing a tyre change after hitting several road bumps at speed.

At least we have a wonderful view to appreciate. The island is very green with vegetation with dense forest and mountainous views on our left and palm trees breaking the ocean view on our right. After being in several cities recently I’m really appreciating the view, especially the mountainous landscape.

Lovely contrast between the greenness and blue sky. 

Palm trees and ocean

Most of the houses/huts I see along our route are similar to those in rural Myanmar, made with bamboo and leaf roofs. The roads are actually pretty good, they’re flat but windy and tricycle vehicles are common here. The tricycle carriages appear to be homemade from old car bodies and nominally carry two passengers but I’ve seen one carrying 6 people!

One of the many tricycles buzzing round the island.

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