Bahn Mi and other food

Bahn Mi is one of the food highlights from Vietnam. I liked Bahn Mi Bo, which is a baguette filled with delicious roasted beef, pate, salad and a spicy aromatic dressing.

Bahn Mi is a street food they sell everywhere but Hoi An had the best ones. Hoi An benefits from a strong French influence, which means they know how to bake bread. It’s mouth wateringly good.

The fresh spring rolls were also great and healthy, stuffed with prawns and salad. I particularly liked Bun Cha which is pork patties in a spicy broth in which you add noodles and nettle leaves. For dessert we tried green banana which is cold banana covered in green rice and dipped in chocolate sauce. It’s might not sound great but it was actually pretty tasty. Another great dish we tried was a starter which was a piece of pancake with prawn and coconut on top, I think it’s called Bahn Khot.

The dragon fruit we bought from the market was great and we also tried rambukans on our snorkelling trip, which are a bit like lychees.

Nha Trang was pretty poor for food but they did have one unexpected delicacy on offer….rotisserie alligator and snake.20170223_145509

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