Hoi An

Hoi An is a nice small city with a lot of Japanese and French influence. It’s also a UNESCO world heritage site.

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It’s the place to come if you want a suit too because there are tailors everywhere. I didn’t get a suit in the end but I decided to buy a tailored shirt with custom cuffs and collar made for me within a day. It’s my only shirt that fits perfectly, normally either the arms are too short or the chest is too big. I wish tailored shirts were this cheap back home, it only cost £20. The streets where the tailors were found had lanterns hanging across the street, which looked lovely day and night.

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Whilst in Hoi An we used the hotel bikes to explore the city and the nearby beaches. The food and the markets there were great. The markets weren’t too rambunctious so we bought some dragon fruit and some …..rambukans.

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It was also good to catch up with some familiar faces again, we’re met Fabian and Christina for drinks on one evening and found out that we would also be in Hanoi at the same time too.

Whilst in Hoi An we also made the most of the cheap Vietnamese massages (after my pre-historic workout 🙂 ). 20170226_120622

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