Inle Lake

On paper, our hotel on the canal with the roof top terrace sounded blissful and relaxing. Hahaha, how wrong we were! We were awoken each morning by the sound of Hell’s Angels revving up past our hotel. The boat engines are terrifically noisy and chug from 4.30am till 5pm.
Whilst at Inle Lake, Beth and I took a bike tour on one day and a boat tour with Fabien and Christina from Zurich on the next day.
We saw the “famous” foot rowing fishermen, the long necked ladies and several cottage industries. The Myanmar people are very resourceful, using large areas of the lake as a floating tomato farm and growing lots of produce including pac choi, spring onion and peas between the waterways. Inle is actually pretty shallow throughout, a maximum of 6m deep in the centre and supports a host of vegetation and bird life. The swooping gulls didn’t seem put off by the Hell’s Angels of the water. We watched on fisherman catch three fish but the fishermen using the traditional methods didn’t have any luck…. I actually think they may have been there for show. In any case, they gave me a hunger for fish and I tucked into a fresh Inle fish in the evening at Sun Flower restaurant after cocktails at sunset on the roof top of Ostello Bello hostel.
The next day Beth and I explored Nuaung Shwe on foot, getting a feel for life at Inle Lake in the morning during our run seeing the farming community and walking in the afternoon sing the market men, boat men and some residential areas.
Back to Yangon on the night bus…. hopefully it will be on a coach this time! Next stop VIETNAM!

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