Kalaw to Inle Trek

The two day trek from Kalaw to Inle Lake was only 36 km, taking 6hrs on day one and 4hrs on day two. We were taken through fields, many of which had the remnants of maze burned after the harvest but the soils were a rich rusty colour, full of iron but needing water. It was evident that the farmers were awaiting rainy season but despite this there was still ginger being harvested and red chillies being picked for the Indian market, they’re too hot for the locals!
Have you ever heard of the Burmese eating dog?!? No, it’s news to me too….but I’m so not sure whether the guide was winding us up or not. The dogs are starved for a few days and then fed uncooked spicy rice. Once the dog is flame grilled on the BBQ, the full meal is ready, fluffy spiced rice included! Thankfully it wasn’t on our menu for the trek, and there wasn’t any evidence of cooked canine…no doggy bags :-P. Beef was not on the menu either, surprising considering the number of cows around. In fact, the farmers spend so much time with them in the field that the cows are considered friends and family pets. The cute puppy dogs were blissfully unaware of their destiny.

Not for dinner

We made some good friends from Switzerland, London and Bristol on the trip and spent more time together once we reached Inle Lake. Funnily enough, Jennifer from Bristol also worked for Airbus, on behalf of Quest, before starting her travels last September. The trek ended with lunch at a hut on the side of the waterway before a rainy boat ride across the lake to our accommodation in Nyuang Shwe.

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