Yangon, Myanmar

We spent our first full day in Yangon where we wandered the streets sampling Burmese city life. It’s pretty hectic! The roads are busy, they drive very close to each other and there’s a continual chorus of horns when they’re warning of their presents and soliciting lifts. Beth and I seem to be beeped more than most!
Crossing the main roads is an event, you have to take a leap of faith to get across the road or follow the locals and weave through the traffic as we often did. Street food is everywhere (quite often on the edge of busy roads) but we didn’t try as much as we wanted due to the lack of hygiene.
The people have been friendly, helpful and not too pushy. Most younger locals decorate there faces with gold paste, we’re not quite sure what it is yet but suspect it’s good for there skin but also a fashion statement. [Later we found out that it was called ‘Thanaka’ and the local use it as sunblock, but it’s definitely a fad for the younger generation.]
The colonial buildings and architecture are interesting and attractive but in much need of some tlc. When walking along the minor streets it took us some time to work out what the random bags hanging from rope were. It turns out they use them as door bells for the apartments at the top off the building.
They like their satellite TV too…

Downtown Yangon

Favorite food so far, spicy orange from the port. The lady prepared us a sweet juicy orange and added some sweet spices which was a good combo. Also, the spicy beef kebab, duck pastries and aubergine salad at the Rangoon teahouse was exceptional although not strictly local food.
The highlight of Yangon is most definitely the magnificent, golden Shwedagon Pagoda. We visited for sunset and there was an almost full moon that made it a fantastic spectacle.

Beth and I at the Shwedagon pagoda


Shwedagon pagoda at night

Our next stop is Mandalay where we’ll pick up a cruise to Bagan.